Guide to Face Shapes and the Best Hairstyles for Women

How to Find Your Face Shape

Lights, Camera… Wait, My Hair Doesn’t Seem Right! Finding the perfect hairstyle can be quite the challenge. We’ve all been there – your friend rocks a new haircut that you absolutely adore, but when you try it, it just doesn’t have the same magic. Well, the secret might just lie in your face shape. Every face shape is unique and beautiful, and finding the right hairstyle that enhances your features is key. Let’s dive into the world of face shapes and hairstyles that perfectly complement them.

Flattering Hairstyles for Various Face Shapes

Steps to Determine Your Face Shape

  1. Measure Your Face Length: From your hairline down to your chin, measure the length of your face.
  2. Find Your Forehead Width: Measure the widest part of your forehead near your temples.
  3. Measure Your Cheekbone Width: Place your fingertip at the outer corner of your eye and trace down to the top of your cheekbone, then measure to the same point on the other side.
  4. Determine Your Jawline Length: Measure from where your jawline begins under your ear to the tip of your chin, then double this number.

After completing these steps, compare your measurements to identify your face shape. It could be round, oval, triangle, oblong, diamond, square, or heart.

Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Face Shapes and Matching Hairstyles

1. Round Face Shape Hairstyles

If you have a round face shape (face length ≈ cheekbones, greater than forehead ≈ jawline), you’ll want to create the illusion of elongation.

  • Short Cut: Opt for a Faux Hawk style, adding height on top to draw the eye upward and add texture.
  • Long Styles: Choose longer, sleek hair with face-framing angles to provide an elongated effect. Angled side-swept bangs can add a touch of flair.

2. Oval Face Shape Hairstyles

Blessed with an oval face shape (cheekbone ≈ forehead, greater than jawline)? You’re in luck! Almost all hairstyles work well for you due to your balanced proportions.

  • Versatility Rules: Your face shape allows for various styles. Consider your hair texture and go bold or elegant as you please.

3. Triangle Face Shape Hairstyles

With a triangle face shape (jawline > cheekbone > forehead), your aim is to balance the wider jawline.

  • Short Styles: Embrace short cuts with volume around the forehead. Try a side-parted crop with a side-swept bang.
  • Longer Hair: Avoid chin-length bobs and sleek styles. Opt for layered looks to soften angles. Gently inverted bobs are a great choice.

Expert Hairstyle Tips for Your Face Shape

4. Oblong Face Shape Hairstyles

For the oblong face shape (cheekbone ≈ forehead ≈ jawline, shorter than face length), adding width is key.

  • Medium Length Styles: Classic bobs, sleek or textured, work well. They add weight around your chin and widen your face.
  • Rock the Bangs: Sport a solid, heavy bang to add width to your forehead and balance your features.


5. Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

If you have a diamond face shape (face length > cheekbone > forehead > jawline), embrace mid-length styles.

  • Avoid Extremes: Steer clear of excessive volume on top or long, sleek styles. Mid-length styles with waves at chin length balance proportions.
  • Play with Angles: Complement your angular face shape by tucking one side behind your ear or pinning it back.

Face Shapes Guide: Perfect Hairstyles for Women

6. Square Face Shape Hairstyles

Rocking a square face shape (face length ≈ forehead ≈ cheekbone ≈ jawline)? Length is your friend.

  • Lengthening Styles: Opt for longer styles with layers and face-framing angles to soften your angular features.
  • Angles and Elegance: Angled bobs sit just below your jawline, adding sophistication without bulk. A sleek crop cut is a neat option.

7. Heart Face Shape Hairstyles

With a heart face shape (forehead > cheekbone > jawline), focus on balancing your angular jawline.

  • Chin-Length Bobs: A bob, either chin-length or longer, is a great choice. Add volume around the chin area and a side-swept bang to soften the forehead.
  • Elegant Layers: Long styles with layers enhance and balance your facial proportions.

Remember, these are just guidelines. Experiment, try new looks, and consult your stylist at Wolf’s European Hair Design for personalized recommendations that suit your features and hair type. Have fun discovering the perfect hairstyle that brings out your natural beauty!



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